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obama tomorrow. >>> and were tonight that a bookstore is going to close. -- ward tonight at a bookstore is going to close. >>> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, february 16. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> the rain and wind have led up by the effects of the bay area's latest winter storm are still being felt we are on storm watch tonight as more wet leather heads our way. today crews had there he had spoke cleaning up the -- had their hands full after cleaning up a huge pine tree. utilities crews worked to airlines had our cameras caught this rare sight today as he'll pounded our pavement. the hailstorm lasted only about one minute. it also hailed briefly in sp1 and in other parts of the bay area. >>> in this year is this winter storm is making driving treacherous. chains are required under state 80 east of gold run. several spin outs happened which snarled traffic. also caltrans tells us that trucks with more than one trailer are not being allowed over the summit and we will have a live
. >>> police are investigating graffiti that contains death threats against president obama and governor brown. the messages were spotted this morning in santa anna about 1 mile from where spray-painted graffiti threatened the governor last month bbc the obama and brown must die and there are slurs targeting the president,, and mexicans. the secret service has been notified. >>> dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries are being audited by the irs. janine de la vega explained why this couldn't for some of them to go out of business. >> reporter: it is run like a business. medicinal marijuana, illegal under federal law and cannabis collectives say that is a problem when it comes to how the irs treats them. under federal law marijuana is considered a controlled substance and they could apply tax code to ade that does not allow drug trafficking organizations to adapt business expenses. >> if it were applied strictly we would not be allowed to deduct our rights, payroll or any of the other normal and usual expenses. >> reporter: the attorney says 280e was created in the '80s to go after drug lords
the president met with cabinet members and promised to investigate. the obama administration says that cairo is taking steps in the right direction. >> our energy is focused on doing what we can to encourage this process of change. again, it's going to be bumpy. >> some egyptian banks opened today for the first time since the protests began. >>> a google executive is no longer missing in egypt tonight. he said he was held for 10 days. >> reporter: he did his first on camera interview today. in a translated interview, he expressed condolences to families of protesters and as the media to not treat him as a hero but to focus on the protests. it was a message he also tweeted seeing the real heroes were on the grounds. now for the first time, his family can go online without worrying about his safety and family members have been worried since video showed someone resembling him being seized by the military. >> he went to the square after that to protest because that is what he is good for you he is really involved with egypt. >> reporter: today, an expert shows how the machine has oppression and
to their word, and they give the power to the people. >> president obama called on the egyptian military which now holds power, to honor its commitment to democracy. and he spoke of the privilege of watching history being made. >> the word tehrir means lib ration. it's a word that speaks to that something in our souls that cries out for freedom. and forever more, it will remind us of the egyptian people. of what they did, of the things that they stood for, and how they changed their country, and in doing so, changed the world. >> reporter: president obama said the u.s. will remain a friend and partner to egypt. mubarak's ouster is not expected to affect u.s. military and economic aid to egypt, about 1.5 billion a year. mubarak himself is reportedly at hisville lee in a resort city. >>> the university of california professor is also celebrating the changes overseas after returning from kay ohio just lack week where she says she was beaten up. christian is live at the rally where the professor is celebrating right now. >> reporter: that u.c. davis professor was here at this rally. she left 15 mi
. >> president barack obama released his bublget for the coming fiscal year and includes deep cuts in domestic spending. >> if we're going to walk the wk , these kinds of cuts will be necessary. >> he called his budget a down t to the nation's long-term economic health. he said it would reduce the deficit by 1.1 trillion dollars during the next ten years and includes $33 billion in spending cuts and five-year freeze on non security discretionary spending but increased spending in the area of infrastructure, clean energy and education. the bay area's largest city says they may eliminate 1100 jobs. >> williams oversees 15 employey downtown. her husband died two years ago, and she worries she might be part of the next round of lay offs. >> i don't know if i'll be able to keep my house and pay all my bills because i'm barely making it now. >> shelving books is a part-timr david whose wife works in the library system. >> my wife and i are looking ele and can't find anything else. >> after looking every row and e , retirement costs are out of control. a projected $61 million this coming fiscal year
, president barack obama is at a dinner with a who's who of executive dinner. air force one touched down at 5:45 this evening. he was greeted by governor new00som. the -- nuwsom. the guest list is in the bay area millionaire including dick the ceo of twitter. the steve jobs and the ceo of apple, chairman of google and mark zuckerberg president and ceo of facebook. >>> the officials say 49-year- old norman welch supervised hundreds of investigations and he faces two dozen felony charges including possessing and selling marijuana, meth, and steroids. his arrest stunned everyone and it could lead to the dismissal of dozens of casees. >>> a wal-- casees. >>> a walnut creek police officer who investigators child sex crimes is now accused of having sex with a minor. he has been arrested but has not been charged. he sat down for an exclusive interview with his attorney. >> they will also not offend and not reoffend. >> reporter: this is shawn wallace during an interview with ktvu after a sting operation that targeted sex offenders. >> if we are out doing the searches and contacting these people the
this period, and my hope is that he will end up making the right decision. >> the obama administration repn officials with the newly appointed vice-president as interim president. >>> one executive from google has mistously disappeared from egypt -- mysteriously disappeared from egypt. >> students and american-egyptif ongoing campaigns to rally support. protesters believe marketing director has been incarcerated for taking part in a protest in cairo on january 25th. >> it's perfect example of somey , an executive at google, but what he said, i'm not fighting for my right of democracy. i'm fighting for the person that can't stand by himself. >> they said the company is doig they can, but can't confirm if messages or supposedly internet video are authentic. family and friends say he has sent twitter messages that he was worried about the government planning a war crime against people just before the violence broke out, and that he did plan to take part in protests against the government. protesters with relatives in egypt say his appearance and other demonstrators is turning the tide of publi
twitter customers, the obama administration and social media is a political player. >> it is a big form of communication and social mobilization in egypt. >> reporter: a statement e- mailed to us from twitter says, along with the rest of the world we are watching closely. are humbled by the way the people there have used twitter to communicate with each other and people around the globe. at the social media strategies summit today, entrepreneurs and analysts talked about the commercial and political potential of facebook and twitter. >> i think it is a wake-up call to anyone who was in a position of power and control. >> reporter: before the president's speeches afternoon sun facebook users posted a countdown clock until his exit. twitter feeds filled up with angry tweets and prayers for peace in egypt. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> twitter seems to be rising be facebook and quicker have talked to twitter about a possible acquisition but so far those talks have not been productive. twitter is privately held and could be worth $8 to $10 billion. >>> officials announced today
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8